• Don’t Pretzel My Buttons

Don’t Pretzel My Buttons

I have been loving painting my nails recently and experimenting with different brands, It has however led me to the discovery that there aren’t many I like. I hate to have to throw a spanner in the works and I know this next statement will be extremely controversial but I haven’t had a good experience with Essie nail polishes, I know there are so many that are devoted to their brand but I just feel the application proves so difficult and transfers onto the nail streaky and is quite gloopy. On a higher note I have fell in love with both OPI and Chanel.

OPI nail lacquers are incomparable, the consistency is quite thin which leads to such an easy application and it just transfers on to the nails quite idyllically. My attention has been drastically drawn to their new A/W collection which happens to be their Germany collection, It was a demanding task choosing preference of which colours should be mine. There were three that I had my eye on, although I didn’t really want to purchase all of them I couldn’t possibly narrow it down so I caved and had them all…(Was always going to happen)

The colours I chose are all quite neutral, perfect for this season and are all in different gradients;

Don’t Pretzel My Buttons

Berlin There Done That

Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!

I just need to add…. whomever comes up with the titles for the OPI lacquers is genius, they never fail to amuse me.

Photo Credit;- Myself

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